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What is Social Media?

What is Social Media

Social media marketing is the process of promoting your site or business through social media channels and it is a powerful strategy that will get you links, attention and massive amounts of traffic. There is no other low-cost/high-return promotional method that will easily give you large numbers of visitors to your site. If you are selling products/services or publishing content for ad revenue, social media marketing is a great way to make your site profitable over time.

Here are some reasons why you should consider using social media:

  • It’s readily available. Not only do you get usual links, your website is exposed to large groups of people in an unprompted approach. This differs from paid advertising which has explicit commercial overtones.
  • It’s defensible. Once effectively mastered, social communities can be a huge source of web traffic, in addition to the already existing traffic from search engines. While you can’t easily increase your search engine traffic, social media traffic can be very easily controlled through strategic marketing.
  • Its low-cost/high returns. Costs are usually limited to only time. The benefits will often exceed the cost. It would usually cost thousands of dollars to buy many links; social media has the ability to provide that for free.
  • It complements other efforts. Social media optimization and marketing is usually community-specific. It does not interfere with other methods of getting traffic to the website. It will fit perfectly with an advertising campaign targeting other websites or search engines.
  • It leads to valuable resources. Success with social media marketing will likely increase the number of links you receive. Links will boost your search engine rankings and they will also drive click-through traffic. Both are generally high quality traffic sources.
  • It helps with brand management. Branding is the key to building a successful long-term relationship with the customer, and social media marketing is an excellent, free tool for customers to understand your brand.