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SEO Quality content

I’m three months into my role at [Wire] stone and it has been an incredible learning experience.  SEO Industry is one fast-paced industry! Be it the algorithm changes, ranking mechanisms, new search tips etc., it is quite challenging to keep track of the changes. Thankfully, a few of the most important elements involved in optimizing a website aren’t likely to change anytime soon.

No matter how much search engines change their algorithms, one thing will always be true:  writing quality content is arguably the best way to improve search rankings for keywords.  SEO Content is King! I know it sounds redundant, but until more people do a better job at focusing on their content, it bears repeating.

You can find a lot of ideas/tips online, on how to lead a great SEO campaign. You can attend conferences, webinars to understand SEO tactics but learning how to maximize your SEO in content is the key.

Note #1: SEO is for the search engines, web content is for your visitors.

Presumably, you want your website to rank higher in the search engines. How can you achieve that? You don’t have to deceive or use black hat tricks. First, however, you have to learn how to write quality web content that will provide your readers with value. A website is nothing without its content. Getting information is the one of the primary reasons for using internet. If that information is not easily accessible on your website, the readers are not going to want to stay on your site, and they certainly are not going to want to come back.

So here are a few important tips to creating great content:

  • Understand your audience: Have interesting and relevant content that they are likely to be searching for. Do a quick keyword survey to identify your target keywords. Definitely add keywords to the title tag, description, ALT attributes and in the body text. Don’t over do it!
  •   Engage your audience: Engaging your audience will fetch you quality inbound links! And, links help you rank higher in the search engines. A little research to find ways to engage your target market could go a long way in terms of inbound links.
  •  Content structure: Use short paragraphs with well-written sentences and make sure it is grammatically correct and typos-free! It is always a great idea to have images, graphs, and visual data to represent your ideas. This would help your readers to understand your message quickly! By all means, avoid duplicate content. Never copy-paste directly from another website- not only does it affect SEO, it also creates a bad reputation.
  • Stay current: Most significant step in content writing! Having up-to-date content adds credibility to your website. Stay on top of industry news and update them on your website. How regularly depends on your site, but the internet changes so quickly you can soon find yourself behind the times if you don’t add something new!
  • Be linkable: Be as involved as you can in the social media circle! Find out where your target market converses on the web and participate in the conversations. Use search trends to identify potential buzz searches. It is important for your site to be included in all major directories – Bing, Yahoo, Google, and Ask.com.

According to a recent HiveFire Survey cited in eMarketer, content creation is a focus for many marketers in an effort to: establish thought leadership, elevate brands variability and buzz, increase lead generation, and boost SEO.

Note #2: Readers are the ultimate targets, not the search engines!

Creating your web content for your readers, rather than the engines, will help you achieve loyal, repeat traffic as well as high, relevant search engine ranking. All I can say is that- build a solid site with current, fresh, and relevant content – the hits and page rank will follow in time!