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Branding: Good or Evil?

For those unaware, am currently pursuing my MBA specializing in Marketing.

Brands have always fascinated me. Starting from toothpaste to clothes to shoes to milk to bags to everything, we have numerous brands! It is interesting to see how well they try differentiate from one another. When I was trying to choose my concentration between HR and Marketing, I took a course on Marketing Problems. This course dealt with the issue of Brand Management. Perfect! Just the thing I wanted to learn about. During the course I read this book about the history of brands, ” The Origin of Brands by Ries and Al.” The book basically talks about applying Charles Darwin’s concept of divergence to Marketing. I had never thought of Branding in that angle. The course introduced me to a whole new concept of Branding and I discovered my niche!

Since then, my mind has been trained to look for different brands and their uniqueness. Selective perception, I guess. I have spent hours in the supermarket aisles trying to understand the different brand names, their trying-to-be-different packaging and various promotional discounts. Each time I was in the supermarket, I noticed a new product with similar positioning. I realized that where they place their product in the shelf also matters! I read cases where they have algorithms to analyze their placement on aisles. Very interesting! Something as simple as placing a product on the shelf matters!

Is this necessary? Isn’t it possible for us to survive with just one or two different brands? For example in the toothpaste Industry in US there are close 1100 brands! Should we have different flavors in a toothpaste? I have been trying to analyze such questions hoping to find the need for branding itself! Let me know what you think!